Virtual Reality Alters the Fashion Industry

We have seen a fascinating event and period in human history. The dawn of immersive technologies made this possible. The gaming world is not the only industry that has seen a total makeover using immersive technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The gaming world was able to project games on our television screen and our mobile phones, but this changed when developers integrated the immersive technology platforms with our favorite games.

Now, we once again see another breakthrough in the world of technology. Developers, fashion designers, and the fashion industry as a whole are bringing the world of clothing, and the world of modeling, not just one, but several notches higher.

Yes, the fashion industry is now embracing the hottest trend in the world of technology. The immersive technology and the fashion industry is ready, and have started a unified walk in the runway.

Fashion and Virtual Reality Meet Eye to Eye

You may have heard the news that the Fashion Industry is the latest business sector to use and adopt the immersive technology. The use of virtual reality will redefine and provide a fantastic ensemble not just on the marketing strategies for these high-end fashion companies, but will also impact the growth on its retail side, and even make the lives of customers, easier.

The elite fashion industry was seen by many as only accessible by the rich, but with the integration of immersive technology, it will help reach a more diverse consumer market. It gives the public better chances of buying and wearing high-end clothing brands.

How will Virtual Reality Revolutionize the Fashion Industry

When we talk about the fashion industry, it is not only limited to the design concept of the clothes we wear. It also covers the concept stage, to the actual making of the clothes until the distribution. How will virtual reality impact the industry? There are several key factors that we have to consider. Let us look at this from a deeper perspective.

First is the design stage. Virtual reality will aid fashion designers in creating clothing designs from a customer’s perspective. It will provide them that opportunity to see their designs not just through a three-dimensional perspective, but a fully immersive content.

How will this change their design process? The answer is simple. Before they do the actual production of clothes, they can easily make changes based on what they see in a virtual reality platform. They can capture different body figures and physical attributes, which can help them make necessary alterations. The use of virtual reality brings comfort and high-end design from a different perspective.

Second, virtual reality will help the fashion industry in terms of its marketing efforts. Remember the time when e-commerce was introduced? It provided a revolutionary change in the retail sector. The mere concept online marketing gave everyone the unlimited access to the world of retail business through the power of the internet. Now that virtual reality is in place, it would even provide a better strategy for the fashion industry to market their clothing line.

Just look at it from this perspective, the fashion consumers will have better access to small and even bigger fashion brands. We will not just look at mere photos or watch videos of these famous clothing brands, but can virtually check it, and use it as if we were physically present in their store. It helps the consumer save money and time while enjoying and being able to access these high-end fashion brands.

Third, as virtual reality enhances the marketing strategies of these fashion companies, it will also impact the whole concept of brand promotion. How many of us would like to experience being in the VIP seats of a fashion show? All of us, right! If you are a big fan of these fashion shows, like the Fashion Week New York, or Fashion Week Milan, then you will definitely get very excited about what Virtual Reality can do. With the integration of immersive technology in fashion shows, you can have the front seat and VIP experience at the comforts of your home. This is the next big thing in the fashion industry.

Fourth, it affects the whole consumer experience. Now, just imagine this. You are preparing for a certain event, and you wanted to look stunning on that day. You are browsing through a fashion magazine and have found the perfect clothes for the event you will be attending to. You check the clothes on retail stores and have found it. The problem is, it does not fit you, what do you do? The next best thing to do is look for another design, or ask the store if they can do some alterations on the clothes.

Most of the time, retail stores cannot alter, but what they can do is reach out to the clothing company and ask if they have sizes in their stock. With virtual reality, clothing alterations become easier. Clothing brands and other independent fashion designers can now help consumers get the perfect clothes through virtual reality. You do not need to be physically present in the store, you just need to provide these designers a picture of yourself, and they can project it in a three-dimensional image, which will help the designer see how the clothes fit you.

It will provide a more sophisticated and wearable clothing line. Designers can now create more consumer-friendly designs. It will also help in fostering a cheaper cost both in the production and distribution side.

As designers and clothing brands visualize their products, it will give them a better understanding of what the general public wants. Creating designs that are reasonable in terms of the price.

Now, how is that for a fashion deal?! We are only seeing and experiencing just a few, and some basic benefits of the immersive technology in the fashion industry. Further developments are on its way in the use of the immersive technology.