The Virtual Tour

If you are a sci-fi movie fan, you probably have seen how directors made use of immersive technologies like Virtual Reality to make something unrealistic look so real. Although thirty or forty years ago, we only see virtual reality as a mere technology used in movies, we never thought that it could be part of our daily lives today.

Before, children were in awe watching movies that show flying cars, going to outer-space, and even travel back in time. These were all just part of the fantasy that a child would like to be in. Today, it may be a reality. Although we will not be physically moving from one place to the other or riding a spaceship going to the moon, it is still possible for us to experience the thrill of such fantasy scenarios right inside our home.

This is how powerful, immersive technology is. What is immersive technology, how can this change our future? How will this impact our lives? How will children see the earth from the outer space? Will this redefine different sectors of our society? Will this impact how companies run their business? The truthful answer is, Yes it can. It will have a huge impact on our lives. For us to be able to understand the full potential of the immersive technology, let us first understand what it is, and how it works.

Virtual Reality Up Close

Virtual Reality is a form of technology where we get the chance to at least see or experience things that do not exist in the real world. We make use of high-performing computers and other VR accessories to project another dimension right in front of us. Let us just say, we bring a different world into our doorstep, making it look like we are actually there. This is what virtual reality is.

If you want to get a more technical definition, Virtual Reality or Immersive Technology is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image that gives people the chance to interact in a fantasy world through the use of specialized electronic equipment like VR glasses or gloves fitted with sensors.

Virtual Reality means near reality. It is reality emulation that we experience as human beings.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the integration of visual and digital figures or information with that of the user’s real-time environment. Virtual reality creates an artificial environment while augmented reality uses the present environment and then includes new information or graphics on top of it.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality or sometimes called Hybrid Reality, and MR. It aims to combine the best features of both virtual reality and augmented reality.

Advantages of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality redefines the concept of communication. It makes the communication between two parties more effective and efficient. It gives a better opportunity to let your message be heard in a more interesting fashion. It enhances the message from the sender to the receiver. It will also have an impact on the different sectors of our society. Different events will see a better way of communicating their purpose of the bottom line.

Can you see how immersive technology can change the concept of production and events?

Why is Virtual Reality in demand in the world of events?

There are several reasons why Immersive Technology like Virtual Reality is becoming in demand right now in the world of events.

Virtual Reality is believable.

It means whatever event you will be organizing, VR can give it with a different a twist. Exhibitors and the audience will have a more futuristic or realistic experience depends on what kind of event you are organizing.

Virtual Reality is interactive.

In the world of events, VR means interaction. You do not need to move around or read a lot of information from standees or posters. When you incorporate VR during events, people can see, feel, hear, and imagine what a company offers in a whole another level. You give your customers a unique and out-of-this-world experience.

Virtual Reality is immersive.

You immerse your potential customers to whatever services or products you offer. No more boring talks, everything will become an experience that they will surely remember.

VR can make you feel and think that you exist in an entirely realistic virtual world.

Imagine a virtual tour of your company, would it be better to have it done using VR rather than letting them watch a company presentation or spend resources on touring them around the establishment? You lead your potential customer in your world, giving them the best of what you can offer.

Virtual Reality and the World of Events

How will VR, AR, and MR impact the world of events? Have you been to a car show? This is a famous automobile event that most men would be dying to see. You see different types of cars, from old to new. The only problem is, you are just there to enjoy the cars from a distance. You are not allowed to touch it, look at the interiors and let alone drive it. You enjoy every detail in a car just by looking at it.

Now, what if we incorporate virtual reality in car shows? It will redefine the whole concept of automobile events. Imagine this, instead of just standing in front of the car, you can be inside the car and enjoy the whole interior without physically being in the car. Now how is that for a deal! To make it even more exciting, when you use VR, you can even drive the car and feel the thrill driving it! That is the impact of VR on car show events.

What other events can VR enhance?

Marketing Events

One of the potential uses of VR in the world of events is by redefining Marketing Events. Companies can showcase their services and products better by exploring the use of immersive technology.

A company can use virtual reality to project their company profile and brand proposition while asking a potential client go on a virtual tour. The potential client does not need to be on the four walls of the company to experience the tour, just by using a VR Head Gear, the company can project their businesses during marketing events.

Training Symposium

Training events can incorporate the world of Virtual Reality. It makes every bit of discussion more interesting as you tackle the different areas of your training. Just like going on a medical training for instance, instead of just projecting your content in a big screen using a simple presentation, you can make it more thrilling by incorporating the different senses of your audience.