Looking to develop a new project leveraging Virtual Reality?

Want to have it done in Hong Kong with a talented agency? The team here at Hong Kong virtual reality has relationships with agencies here for various types of projects and initiatives.

When submitting a request for proposal – the more details you can provide the better. Let us know what your company is trying to achieve with the VR project, is it for branding, for sales, for after sales support?

The more information in the form, the higher chances of getting responses from qualified VR consulting companies in the fast growing Hong Kong ecosystem.

To explain each point in the form, let’s go point by point:

  • Your name

    Who is the contact person we should be addressing when submitting the rfp request to agencies?

  • Your company

    What is the company you are representing? What is the brand that you are trying to grow with this VR campaign?

  • Project goal

    We have various goals that you may be interested in telling us, so that we can make sure the proposal request is aligned with your goals.

  • Timeframe

    When do you want to get this project started and when do you need it delivered by?

  • Budget

    If you can give us a range of how much you are willing to pay for this VR project, it will save a lot of time discussing with agencies and the back and forth.

  • Notes and specifications

    If you have some details already outlined that will be very helpful. Previous projects, similar competitor’s campaigns you liked, and various details that will help us with the proposal.

So without further ado, let’s get you on the fast track to creating a quality VR campaign.

  • When do you need this by?
  • How much are you looking to invest in this AR/VR project?