HKVR08 – Rahel Demant

Come and Listen as we get to know more about Rahel. 🙂


Rahel Demant

After a double master’s degree in Finance at the University of St. Gallen and SciencesPo Paris, Rahel worked in Deloitte’s Transaction Advisory division. Coming back to Germany from a consulting job in Canada, the USA, and Costa Rica, she initiated VR First. Since its foundation in 2016, she has led the program to a network of thousands of developers. The mission: to democratize VR/AR development worldwide through VR First’s various support programs and online competitions.


Topics covered

  • Introduce Yourself.

  • How did you and your company first get exposed to AR/VR?

  • What is the most common project clients ask for?

  • What is the most challenging project you have done?

  • What kind of AR/VR projects have you seen in the industry that seem most effective?

  • Ways people can find you online.

Episode Length 18:04

Come and Listen as we get to know more about Rahel. 🙂

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