Places in Hong Kong To Go To Experience Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been a haven for people who want to escape the reality of life momentarily. It is nice to be able to relieve your stress and have fun with your friends or loved ones. Be entertained and experience the virtual reality that Hong Kong has to offer.

VR and Gaming

A long time ago, gaming was nothing but a form of physical activities, boards and well, consoles. It is fun and exciting. Now, VR took a whole new experience in gaming and entertainment. Enhancing the entire gaming experience, you’ll get to enjoy your favorite games and giving you an entirely different world.

With the integration of Virtual Reality in gaming, you can fully immerse in the world of dungeons, dragons, and zombie apocalypse. It is a treat for gamers and people who wanted to try new stuff. VR can provide you with a new sense of what gaming and entertainment are.

VR We Go

Hong Kong is not just famous for its skylines, shopping malls, open-air market, and food! Now, the trending Virtual Reality places in Hong Kong is a must to check. Here are the areas that you can experience the best of what VR has to offer.

  • Awesome VR

The name says it all. Awesome VR is, well, pretty awesome! This VR-centric party hub features three rooms and a shared place. Equipped with the latest and flashiest VR gadgets that we have today, like:

  • VR Treadmill
  • VR Motion Chair
  • HTC Vive

There are more than a hundred games that you can choose. If you are a fan of lightsabers and dancing, then you can enjoy the latest Beat Saber VR game, where you can slash the beats coming from you using a pair of energy blades that kind of resembles a lightsaber. Imagine Star Wars meets Dance Dance Revolution.

The best thing about Awesome VR is that you can get to enjoy the packages they are offering at a reasonable price!

  • Playdium Virtual Reality

Conveniently located in Causeway Bay, get to experience top virtual reality. It features Razer computers and HTC Vive VR Goggles. The best part is that Playdium VR offers technology that is not yet even available for sale. Experience games and e-sports at a whole new level.

The staff are friendly and will help you if you are having a hard time with the game, they’ll even teach you! Enjoy VR from hunting ghosts to defending the world in a flying suit of armor.

  • Sandbox VR

If you want a thrilling experience of an escape room, then Sandbox VR is an excellent choice. It combines the latest VR hardware, movie quality real-time motion capture and AAA-quality content to create the best VR experience on the planet.

Get to be a treasure hunter and track down the lost treasure of Davy Jones or survive lost experiments in Deadwood Mansion, all of this with time running down. It’ll be exhilarating and fun. You’ll get to use your critical thinking and survival instincts! Sandbox VR is best to enjoy with your family, team buildings, parties or with your friends!

  • V-Owl Station VR Party

If you are thinking to host a party, then V-Owl Station is the best place to go. The site boasts a spacious area with dozens of favorite VR games. With comfy sofas and padded walls, you and your friends can chat or be extremely competitive with each other.

The venue has two zones which you can book. Battle your heart out with the epic 4-player VR games. V-Owl is also the home to two 4D VR motion chair that simulates incredible authentic motion experience. Ready to strap in for a rollercoaster ride or escape from the frightening haunted mansion. You and your friends can enjoy V-Owl Station!

  • VR Arena

It is Hong Kong’s first VR venue that features omnidirectional gaming treadmills, where you can walk in any direction you want. VR Arena offers you a world where you and your friends can fully immerse in virtual reality without any spatial hindrance.

You can get to compete with your friends without the feeling of restricted space. Get your game on and ready to challenge your friends or loved ones.

Benefits of VR Gaming

VR gaming has many advantages comparing to consoles and PC gaming. Here are some of them:

  • Beyond the Screen. It can give you the chance to step into a completely different world.
  • A fun form of burning calories. There are VR games that require players to be physically active during the gameplay. Another fun alternative of exercise instead of sitting on your couch with a controller in your hand. Though not as effective as an actual exercise, it is an excellent way to burn off some calories.
  • A chance to experience new things. There are times that you ask yourself what does it feel like going inside a haunted mansion or swimming with the sharks. VR can give you a good idea of what it feels without the risks to enjoy an adrenaline boost.

Though these benefits are great, you still need to be aware of the dangers that it has to offer. It can provide you with trauma or accidents. So, before anything else, be careful of the VR games that you will try and make sure that you are up to the challenge.


Gaming has gone a long way; now with the integration of VR, you’ll get to enjoy a fun and exciting experience together with your friends. Virtual Reality is starting to introduce us to a new form of activity that you can get to share with your friends or loved ones.

Virtual Reality is now making the competition and rivalry on another level. You might be surprised at how competitive you can be. Relieve your stress and enjoy quality time with your circle of friends, or you can delve into a new world that you can only imagine. See Hong Kong in a new, different light, and you will surely have a blast at one of the greatest city in the world!


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