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Play Grab Bag VR Game in HK – Sept 28

GET A CHANCE TO PLAY SHADOW FACTORY’S GRABBAG VR PARTY GAME AT RETRO.HK Get a chance to try the game out at the Retro.HK Gaming Expo 2018. Shadow Factory will be there for demos and to let interested gamers try out GrabBag for FREE from Friday, September 28th to Sunday, September 30th, from 10am to 8pm. Now held at CityU. …

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Real Life uses of VR

The first thing that probably comes to your mind when you hear the term virtual reality (VR) is video games. The popularity of VR began with video games, and now it evolved into more than just that. VR now has numerous practical applications to help develop businesses from different industries. Patient First: Easing The Pain From Dentist Visits We dread …

Kicking Off The Community

We are excited to say we are kicking off this community of VR/AR geeks soon. It is year end and everyone always gets excited for the future. 2018 will rock for VR in HK!