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Samsung Gear Functionality

Introduction The past few years have shown a lot of advancements in the world of technology. We have witnessed the rise of different smartphones, virtual reality platforms and other technological accessories that gave gadget-use a different feel and meaning. With all these technological breakthroughs, did it ever occur to you that you can integrate or merge the smartphone and the …

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A Deeper Look on Virtual Reality

Do you have a dream that is so extreme or outrageous that you know it is so impossible to achieve? Kids and adults alike, go through this specific phase. There will always be a point in our lives where dream and aspire to something big. Children will usually dream of going to the moon or a planet that they have …

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The Beginning of a Bright High – Technology Horizon

Headsets through the years Through the years, we have seen the ever-reliable headset go through a lot of makeovers. It started from those huge headsets twenty years ago, until it evolved to smaller ones. It became better and more convenient to use.The simple headset that once had these long cords become cordless, giving us the freedom to move while using …

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Benefits of Mixed Reality Through HoloLens

The State of Immersive Technology We can all agree that the age of Virtual Reality is here. Virtual Reality or VR as some would term it is one of the most significant inventions that we have witnessed. We have seen numerous developments in this field and have paved way to make it more advanced. The developments in the Virtual Reality …

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Is VR a Reality?

It was year 1977, when one of the oldest Virtual Reality movie called “Welcome to Blood City” been released to the viewers. The concept of interacting inside the virtual world never loses its momentum in our technology. Without having “The Matrix” movie in mind, people are always interested in creating and living their own fantasy. You may want to do …

Kicking Off The Community

We are excited to say we are kicking off this community of VR/AR geeks soon. It is year end and everyone always gets excited for the future. 2018 will rock for VR in HK!