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We have been working on VR business since 2015 before VR attracted public attention. Over the past two years, we have been involved in VR contents production and rental business. We have accumulated a lot of know-how and focused attention on what distinguishes VR from existing contents and events, and which is our strength among others. We pursue both simulations and economics at the same time by using VR. One of our goals is to imitate behaviors that have temporal and spatial limitations in reality in a VR environment, thereby achieving more cost-effective results than reality. It might mean we concentrate on utility that VR gives to humans rather than technology. As a VR Integral Service company, we apply VR technology to existing services and technologies, pursuing integration with VR. Currently, we focus on content for “public relations” and “education” services and we will keep challenging so as to help people throughout industry and services in the future.

Current VR content categories are
** kids educational
(I remember you were also interested in educational content too)
– VR creation with simple block coding
– mirroring projection AR
– dinosaur and zoo with interaction
– various safety experience
– language
– job experience
– coding with game
– book with AR
– musical instrument

** game
– 8 participants game through cloud server, but not compatible to HTC Vive yet
– MR for hockey with heating & cooling haptic controller
– room escape game in horror
– various single and multi participant games

** industrial safety
– prevention of disasters; number of fire case scenario, traffic, earthquake and so on

** adult (360/ interactive)

** home entertainment
– mini game
– horror game
– sports
– karaoke
– animation
– music video
– 360 tour with interaction
– 360 home shopping

** webtoon by creating & publishing on user tool
– simulator interoperation available

** attraction/simulator for theme park and VR room
– simulator chair
– treadmill
– bicycle

PlayVR Office Address

PlayVR Co., Ltd.

Teratower 2, A_1016, 201 Songpa-daero
Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea

PlayVR Contact Team

Yong B. Joo
Director of Global Business Development
office. +82 2 6925 7030 / mobile. +82 10 9487 7280

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