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Where is Virtual Reality Being Used In Today's Industrial World? Let's check it out as we discuss various industries

The use case for virtual reality has been growing like crazy, and we will add more case studies and examples as we grow


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The HK VR community was put together by various groups in the industry to share knowledge and awareness about the growing demand of virtual reality in the region. Hong Kong is perfectly positioned to be a leader in Asia and the world for AR/VR technologies.

Why Hong Kong?

This is a common question, and for those of us located in Hong Kong it seems like such an obvious answer - but for those not familiar - let’s answer this question once and for all.

So why should you pay attention to Hong Kong when it comes to virtual reality? It is the financial capital of Asia, so access to capital is not an issue. On top of that, it is a developed media center of Asia where production of TV and film has been happening for decades. Combine that with one of the fastest internet connections in the world and a global talent pool banging on the door to get in, and you have a perfect ecosystem for the VR world.

Not in Hong Kong and Want To Get Involved?

No problem - while we call ourselves the Hong Kong Virtual Reality Community - it is a global network of enthusiasts. As we develop we will have VR events you can tune in from anywhere in the world, and other online forums and networking centers to engage with others in.

For now, its best to bookmark this site and check as more resources are added. We will be adding events, conferences, agencies, and tons of local resources to further expand and develop the growing virtual reality community here in HK.


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